How to Install Python 2.7, Flask and Numpy on windows

If you are using python 3.0, flask and numpy should already be installed for you. But, if in any case you need to use the older version of python (python 2.7+), you need to install flask and numpy by yourself. And this process could somehow become a real pain in the **s.

Luckily, I have found the easiest way to work around that. Just follow this simple steps.

1) Download and Install python.
2) Go to your Environment Variable > System Variable > Path. And add this: C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts

python system variable

3) Set your PYTHONPATH, so that you dont have to set it each and everytime you want to run your python project:



C:\Users\ryzal_000\Desktop\Project\src is the path for my python project. Set it your own python project’s path.

3) Install flask: t
type this command on your command line >> pip install flask

4) Install numpy:




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